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Who Founded Astronism? 

Astronism was founded by the mononymous and autodidactic philosopher known as Cometan.

What Is Astronism?

Astronism is an organised philosophy within the Millettic philosophical tradition teaching that space, which is referred to as The Cosmos, should become humanity's main source of spiritual, theological, and philosophical contemplation through cosmic devotion, cosmic philosophy, and astrotheology. 

Where Does Astronism Originate?

Astronism was founded in the country of England as part of the United Kingdom, specifically in and around the city of Preston in the county of Lancashire in North West England.

When Was Astronism Founded? 

Astronism was founded in the early 21st century in the year of 2013. 

Why Was Astronism Founded?

Astronism was founded because its founder, Cometan, felt a great dissatisfaction with the array of religions and philosophies available to him and saw space not something to profiteer from, but to wonderment, adore, and philosophically contemplate. 

How Was Astronism Founded? 

Astronism first began as a digital philosophy meaning it was initially spread through non-physical mediums, such as the internet, but that initial phase, it began to develop a physical presence. For many years, Cometan struggled alone to promulgate his ideas via the use of new digital mediums that continue to serve the dissemination of Astronism well. 

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