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what is the story behind 

Astronism's founding book?

Cometan the Contemplator Version 1.jpg

Cometan the Contemplator by David Young. 2019. (link)

With the creation of the Omnidoxy, this afforded Cometan the opportunity to organise and develop the thousands of ideas he was receiving about Astronism into a single document that would serve as the world's introducer to Astronist beliefs.

The Omnidoxy took Cometan approximately five years to write and it consists of a variety of books and writing styles namely poetry, a dictionary, an encyclopaedia, philosophical musings etc.

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Free to use image from Unsplash by Free Nature Stock (link)

So, what is the Omnidoxy to Astronism?

The Omnidoxy is not like other founding books like the Bible or the Quran. It is not considered by Astronists to be of divine revelation, but it is considered surographical and "inspired", meaning that it does hold prominence and distinction above other works.

It is Astronism's founding book and it will always be the book that introduced Astronism into the world, but it will not be the last. Other books both by Cometan and other authors will emerge following the publication of the Omnidoxy to make their own contributions to develop Astronism into a greater framework for the achievement of astrosis.

And, what is the future of the Omnidoxy?

The Omnidoxy will remain the principal publication of the Astronist Institution and its distribution worldwide will demonstrate the greater dissemination of Astronism itself.

Translating the Omnidoxy and its complex terminology into other languages remains a significant barrier to its global distribution. The Astronist Institution is in continual effort to form accurate translations of the text.


Finally, the discipline of omnidoxicology has emerged as a significant branch of study within Astronism. The study of the Omnidoxy presents a greater understanding of Astronism itself, hence the text's exegesis will forever remain an important practice.

Cometan's initial conception of Astronism occurred on the day of his fifteen birthday on 1st July 2013. It was from this moment onwards that Cometan's fate had been set; he dedicated himself to a public life in which we would spread Astronism around the world.

But it was not until two years later when he was seventeen years old that Cometan began officially writing down his revelations and ideations. These writings would come to form what is now referred to as the Omnidoxy.

It is this extensive treatise that, upon completion, would stretch to over two million words in total length and would rise to become the founding book of the world's first organised philosophy.

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Free to use image from Unsplash by Casey Horner (link)

During what is known as the eight year revelation, or the era of The Founding of Astronism, Cometan received an inordinate amount of ideas about religion and philosophy for somebody who had not received any training or formal education in the fields.

Cometan's writing ability soared to heights he didn't realise were possible for him to the point at which he was about to write 23,000 words in just a few hours. His mind flooded with idea after idea after idea about the future of humanity in space, the mystical nature of The Cosmos, and his own personal relationship to the stars. It was these ideas and more that formed the foundations of Astronism and its vast belief system.

After Cometan had shared his experiences writing the Omnidoxy, the belief in surography emerged within Astronism which affirms a preternatural ability of Cometan to have written the Omnidoxy in such circumstances.

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Free to use image from Unsplash by Dino Reichmuth (link)

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