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An Astronist is a person that follows or considers themselves to be associated with the philosophy of Astronism. Due to the multifarious nature of Astronism (meaning that Astronism has many different names), there many different demonyms that can refer to a person that follows Astronism and are usually used to corresponding to the noun used. The demonyms for some of the most frequently used names of Astronism include: 

Astronist/Astroner (demonyms) - follow of Astronism (noun)

Millettarian/Millettic/Milletti (demonyms) - follower of Millettism (noun)

Cometanist (demonym) - follower of Cometanism (noun)

Kosman/Kosmer/Kosmay/Kosmic (demonyms) - follower of Kosma (noun) 

Sophist/Sophian/Sopharian (demonyms) - follower of Sophism (noun)

Cosmist/Cosmian (demonyms) - follower of Cosmism (noun)

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