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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of The Octa


The Principles of Imagination & Freedom

by Cometan



The Dodecadoxy, also known as The Ultimation, is the twelfth and final disquisition of the philosophical treatise known as The Omnidoxy, the founding text of the philosophy of Astronism. The Dodecadoxy is written largely according to the definitionalist style of Cometanic omnidoxical writing and concerns itself with the study of imagination and freedom. 

Not only does The Dodecadoxy address the natures and applications of imagination and freedom, but it formulates an entire system of belief on freedom which is then subsequently applied to the entire belief system of Astronism. One of the foremost natures of Astronism is freedom and this is manifested and emphasised by The Dodecadoxy. Transcensionism is the foremost exemplification of the integration of freedom into the core of the beliefs of the philosophy of Astronism. 

As the final disquisition of The Omnidoxy, The Dodecadoxy also concerns itself with the nature of the personhood of Cometan as its sole author as well as some of the most prominent elements of Astronism and including other metaphilosophical topics of study.

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