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The Principles of Advancement & Eschatology

by Cometan



The Octadoxy is the eighth disquisition of twelve which form the philosophical treatise known as The Omnidoxy with its discourses primarily concerned with the formation of the Millettarian, or Astronic eschatology which is Astronism's approach to understanding the nature of humanity's final destiny as well as the afterlife. In addition, the Octadoxy remains concerned with the nature of advancement, especially in a cosmical setting in the case of the Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos. 

A mid-length disquisition, the Octadoxy is preceded by the Septidoxy and followed by the Nonodoxy and is written according to the style of insentence. The Astronic eschatology is entirely predicated upon the beliefs and concepts residing within transcensionism, the belief orientation holding that humanity is not fulfilling its destiny upon The Earth and that space exploration is the ultimate fate and consequence of human existence.

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